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The FOrayPDF package is used to create PDF files.


The PDF standard is based partly on the PostScript language, and some of the concepts map on a one-to-one bases. In those cases, FOray consolidates such items in the foray-ps module to avoid duplication. This currently includes filters and encodings. Some encodings (StandardEncoding and SymbolEncoding) are identical between the two standards. All other Encoding instances are distinct between the two standards. However, for the sake of convenience when working with Encodings, they have all been placed in the foray-ps module, even if they related only to PDF. Also the raw text files which were parsed to create both PostScript and PDF glyph lists and encodings are stored in the foray-ps module, at foray/foray-ps/resource.

To Do

  • [minor] Keep track of colors used in a document and only create one PDFObject per color.