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The FOrayPS module is a rudimentary PostScript interpreter. It is designed for the core to handle all parsing tasks, and for subclasses to do interesting things with that data. For example, the java2d package can draw the PostScript file in a java window. A barely-started PDF implementation will transcode the PostScript commands to PDF drawing commands

The core package is not very sophisticated or complete yet. t was started to provide enough capability to parse Type1 font files, which it seems to handle pretty well. However, it was designed with extensibility in mind, so hopefully as developers use it for additional applications, they will enhance the core as needed also. The main thing to remember as you code for it is to keep separate the changes that should be made to the core, and the changes that are needed for a more specific application.

To Do

  • [minor] [PSInterpreter] Handle escaped characters within a string. (See PSLRM2, Section 3.2.2, Subsection "Strings").
  • [minor] [PSInterpreter] Support hex encoding of strings. (See PSLRM2, Section 3.2.2, Subsection "Strings").
  • [minor] [PSInterpreter] Support ascii-85 encoding of strings. (See PSLRM2, Section 3.2.2, Subsection "Strings").
  • [major] [pdf/PDFSystemDict] Complete the EPS-to-PDF transcoder.