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FOray: Testing



Although not realized yet, FOray desires to operate in a test-driven environment. This page will be used to document the various testing tools as they are built.

The most important step seems to be to provide a framework for functional testing. Unit testing may be beneficial in the long-run, but the functional testing hole needs to get filled first. Then perhaps a strategy for unit testing will become more clear. There are three main places where testing can and should be done:

  • FOTree. This tests parsing, properties, inheritance, computed values, etc. This can probably be done against the aXSL interface, so that the tests can be used by other projects.
  • AreaTree. This tests the layout engine and the supporting AreaTree capabilities. FOP has developed a suitable strategy for this task which essentially puts the resulting AreaTree into a DOM, then uses XPath expressionis to see if what is there is correct. This is probably worth using.
  • Rendering. This tests the actual output document. Both PDF and PostScript can be created in text format, so using a simple "diff" against expected output should work well. The NIST test suite should be investigated for this.